Chapter 3: What is Prayer?


The God of the Universe did not create prayer primarily as a tool to receive man’s latest “to do lists" throughout the generations. The most important use of prayer is for our heart to excel in the learning of righteousness.


Prior to being born on earth, Jesus Christ was known as “The Word.” John 1:14 In addition to His sacrifice, Jesus physically came to earth to teach us the word of God.


Our brains can physically absorb the Word by hearing or reading it. Yet, how can we receive grace if our hearts are blind and lacks the motivation for the Word to become the foundation of our lives?


Prayer is a privilege and has a primary function. When we ask through prayer, the Father can transform Christ’s message from our minds into our hearts. Through the Holy Spirit, prayer can propel us forward to which avenues of life we follow. In being led by prayer to "Do things God's way" we become a part of his plan and abide in Jesus Christ, John 15:5 ESV.


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Chapter 1: Facing God 

Chapter 2: The Bible and God's Plan 

Chapter 3: What is Prayer? (current page)

Chapter 4: How to receive Grace?  

Chapter 5: Forgiving Others 

Chapter 6: Facing Ourself

Chapter 7: How to Pray


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