Chapter 2: The Bible and God's Plan

  • The bible talks about the beginning of mankind. Adam and Eve experienced the presence of God while in the Garden of Eden. When the two placed their own desires ahead of those of God, they gained knowledge of "free will." They came to know goodness and the opportunity to do anything to fulfill selfishness. In response, the God of Holiness had a choice; To live among the sin of man or separate Himself from mankind. Genesis 3
  • The Old Testament of the bible involved punishment and reward. The goal was to restore man to the level of righteousness that is acceptable before the presence of God the Father. Most treated these teachings like a rule list and lacked desire to have things done “God’s way.”
  • The New Testament is God's new promise that is made possible through the sacrifice of his son, Jesus Christ. For those of us with the willingness to learn, God extends his love, patience, and countless opportunities for us to come to know this reunification process. The Holy Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) now promotes us to learn righteousness through love.
  • The bible concludes with those of mankind who submit to this learning process, to again have the privilege of being in the presence of our Heavenly Father.


The term “Grace” can take us from our current state to that of coming to know the righteousness of Heaven where God’s will is done. The acceptance of this gift requires a willingness to learn the things God would have us know. The acceptance of this gift requires a willingness to learn these things of God which is done through the Word, Jesus Christ. John 1:14 & John 14:6


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Chapter 3: What is Prayer? 

Chapter 4: How to Receive Grace 

Chapter 5: Forgiving Others

Chapter 6: Facing Ourself

Chapter 7: How to Pray




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