The Real Prayer Booklet

Chapter 1: Facing God


How many of us are hesitant to prepare for a future with God because we are unsure of what he wants or how to start? Or, perhaps certain habits or grief may get in the way.  But change from any darkness that may be holding us back need not be overwhelming.

Let God do the work!

Often we think in the short term unable and are to comprehend how to be get beyond the things that hinder our spiritual growth.  However, God thinks in the long term, over our lifetime with salvation as His goal.


Our choice:


  • Are we going to be the obstruction to God's offer to live in his presence for eternity?  We need to put our pride aside and be willing to ask Him to teach us how to receive this gift!


  • God wants us to give Him consent to change our hearts so that He becomes our motivation in life and sin becomes of little value.



How to Grow toward the light of Jesus Christ:


First, accept yourself as a sinner.


We are likely to have repeated sin in the future. Rather than love the sin or wrap our self-identity around the sin, regard it as an infirmity or an unattractive weakness. Rather than justify it with self-righteousness, approach it with humility, which is the first step to repentance or turn away from it. ---- Is this really necessary? ---- As one's health deteriorates in the aging or dying process; greed, control, lust or another form sin; it will be of little meaning when our soul comes before God.  Sin is forgivable, however, as in the Lord's prayer:  His will is done in heaven. If we spend a lifetime focused on self-centeredness or earthly things, who will our master be; ourself or God? Matthew 6:19-24 (link to scripture)  Repentance is a necessary first step to turn from our own will to His will.


We may have heard of the word "Grace," but do we know what it is about? God separated himself from man because Adam and Eve were headed down a path they determined rather than remaining at the standard of righteousness that the God of holiness requires.  God's "grace" is an offer to return us to his standard.  It is not forced upon us. To received grace, we provide the willingness to learn and Jesus Christ provides the lesson plan. Through experiencing spiritual birth, what we don't learn on earth, Christ offers as a gift.


Next are details as to the patience and love God has displayed within this teaching process.


Next Chapter: The Bible and God's Plan

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Chapter 1: Facing God (current page)

Chapter 2: The Bible and God's Plan

Chapter 3: What is Prayer? 

Chapter 4: How to Receive Grace 

Chapter 5: Forgiving Others

Chapter 6: Facing Ourself

Chapter 7: How to Pray


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