Real Prayer

The Bible and How to Pray come together


Lacking humility in how we pray may cause a deafening silence within our prayer life.


Does our prayer focus on grace, the things Jesus wants us to learn as we prepare for heaven or limited to earthly concerns?


  • Authentic prayer offers tender moments in which The Holy Spirit intervenes in our growth.  


  • What a pleasure it is to experience the degree of satisfaction that comes from being at a level in the spiritual learning process that God desires.


  • The beauty of God's love is that He can take us to destinations in life beyond our imagination.


The icon below is a unique guide in how to pray in a way that we may come to understand the things that God would have us know. 


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Table of Contents


Getting God to Listen.



Becoming honest with yourself. 


Chapter 1

What motivates us?

Chapter 2

What is the First Step?

Chapter 3

The Lord's prayer and his gift.

Chapter 4

Coming to understand righteousness. 

Chapter 5

Why does God mandate forgiveness?

Chapter 6

Motivating spiritual growth from guilt and temptation?

Chapter 7

After 20 years, a born again Christian learns how to pray.

Chapter 8

When God offers personal gifts. 

Chapter 9

How to trust God when we do not understand.

Chapter 10

Our role if we learn to listen.


How the message can touch our heart.



- End of Booklet -


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