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In Discipleship we are to...

Ask John 15:7  

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John 15:7 directs us to ask God for help when called share Christ's message. This verse is in the context within John 15:1-11, where Jesus is teaching his disciples in how to fulfill their role within discipleship.


John 15:5 makes it clear, we are to align our direction with that of Jesus Christ and to listen. If not, our efforts will accomplish nothing. During such periods when our prayer life is yielding little, perhaps we may need to question; Are we are facing the avenue Christ is offering us?


When we ask to “do things God’s way,” we may direct our prayer life toward:

1.  Gaining spiritual growth for ourselves in preparation for that special opportunity to serve.


2.  Respecting the Father’s timing, the path being offered to us, and further defining the role we are to fulfill within this service.


3.  Asking for the talent needed to fulfill that role He places before us and asking the same for others who are involved.


4.  Asking God for “Your Will be done” every step along the way, including for the recipients of the outreach.


Christ's teachings on discipleship place "abiding in Jesus" as a requirement if we are to produce much fruit.  For further insight, try our booklet on "Grace":


Don’t have the ability to speak “Christ’s message on salvation?”  An alternative can be as casual as the words, “I have a gift for you” while handing out a copy of the message.  

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