World Evangelism - A Van Wert OH Effort

Real Prayer Inc.

Real Prayer Inc delivers a top quality message at the same moment someone is seeking Jesus Christ through their internet search inquiry such as "how to pray."


    • Our Real Prayer booklet is a very relatable.  It focuses on removing barriers between ourselves and God.

    • The Holy Spirit booklet aids in how to listen to God, abide in Christ, and recognize opportunities of service where "our" effort may hold value for eternity. 

The cost efficiency of this witness averages under 11 cents per request.

    • We are 100% volunteers.

    • About 99% of donations purchase internet ads that respond to these search inquires.

    • We expect 800,000 home-page views this year with 160,000 proceeding to request an evangelism booklet.

    • Between our English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian editions, booklet requests come from over 100 counties.

In mid-2022, a company which provides tablets to a quarter million prison and jail inmates, also added our evangelism booklets to their digital library.


We operate on a fifty dollar average daily budget, primarily from Van Wert area donors.

      • As a public charity, donations to  "Real Prayer Inc" hold tax deductible status.

      • Church donations of any size or donations by an individual of under $401. annually will aid in our complying with IRS public charity rules.

      • Each of our board members are from a separate church denomination from within the Van Wert area.


If this ministry may be worthy of your support, consider viewing our three minute video plus our Our annual report. 


      • Our business address is below and our Paypal "Donate"  icon above.


Real Prayer Inc

10409 D McConahay Rd.

Van Wert, OH  45891

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