Removing Barriers between yourself and God.
Real Prayer Inc.  Van Wert, OH  USA
A non-profit public charity

About Us   


We are just another Christian sitting in a church pew, other than having a recurring urge to pray; "God, teach me to listen and to possess a heart that is willing to hear."  Since then, doors began opening and our overly cold hearts have been melting ever since.

  • Our board members are retired from either public education or from careers that included the intervention in the homes of devastated people during their most turbulent and trying times.
  • We are 100% unpaid volunteers.  Our outreach is in four languages responding to 100 countries.   Donations from individuals and churches within our area help make this evangelism possible.


The "Real Prayer" booklet is designed for: 


  • Removing barriers between yourself and God.

  • Evangelism can be as easy as handing someone the booklet with the words "I wanted you to have this" or include it with a Christmas or get well card.  E-mail it or share it on social media.

  • Stimulating Church Growth.  When a person experiences spiritual growth from this booklet, it is a natural curiosity to find where the church parishioner who supplied the booklet, receives their growth.  This has the potential to be a fruitful time to invite the individual to accompany you to church.

The first booklet to be mailed was part of a life-changing experience for the recipient from a state of depression to finding happiness in life.