The Real Prayer Booklet


Preface: When Prayer is more than words



How many of us are hesitant to prepare for our future with God because we are unsure of what he wants or how to get there?  Or, perhaps certain habits get in the way. 


Change from any darkness that may be holding us back need not be overwhelming. 


Let God do the work!


We think in the short term unable to comprehend how to be get beyond the things that hinder our spiritual growth.  God thinks in the long term, over our lifetime with salvation being His goal.


Our choice:

  • Are we going to be the obstruction to God's offer to live in his presence for eternity?  Place our pride aside and provide the willingness to ask Him to teach us, how to receive this gift!
  • God wants us to give Him consent to change our heart so that He becomes our motivation in life and sin becomes of little value


How to Grow toward the light of Jesus Christ


  1. First, accept yourself as a sinner. We are likely to  have repeated sin in our future.  Rather than love the sin or wrap our self-identity around the sin, regard it as an infirmity or an unattractive weakness. Rather than justify it with self-righteousness, approach it with humility which is an initial step to repent or turn away from it.  ---- Is this really necessary? ----   As our health deteriorates in the aging or dying process; greed, control, lust or whatever other form sin takes; it will be of little meaning to us when our soul comes before God.  Sin is forgivable, however as in the Lord's prayer: His will is done in heaven.  If we spend a life time focused on self-centeredness or earthly things, who will our master be; ourself or God? Matthew 6:19-24Repentance is a necessary first step in turning from our own will to His will. (How to give your heart to God)

  2. Place and keep yourself in a learning environment on the teachings of Jesus Christ. Faith-based churches are made up of sinners who are seeking to take another step towards His light. A portion of the congregation contains people with empathy. They may realize where less mature Christians are coming from; for they have been there themselves. We may come to enjoy the company of others during this journey while realizing the warmth of God's love as we develop new friendships.

  3. Recognize the danger signs. Sin is attractive. It is appealing.  Various forms of media and societal pressures support sin and if allowed; will promote its growth within us. Come to recognize which temptations make it grow.  Such temptations should not be taken casually, but be a focus of concern.  When such thoughts arrive, consider creating a habit of jumping into prayer rather than allowing the temptation to escalate unchecked. (Chapter 6 has details)

  4. Look to the Master. The prayer booklet below tells how to develop a heart that is accepting of God's will.

  5. Look towards God's timeline rather than our own expectations.  This allows Christ's yoke (Matthew 11:28-30) and our own anxiety to become much lighter.    Whether change comes in an instant or over a lifetime, our focus needs to be on God.  

We provide the willingness to learn, place ourselves in a learning environment, and pray to a God who teaches us love, by first loving us. 1 (John 4:19)  1 John 4:7-30


Why seek "to know Jesus" with this deeper love?


  • Chapter five contains a true story of a WWII bomber pilot questioning his acceptance into heaven.
  • During our experience on earth, we as human beings have caused much hurt and injustice toward one another. How can the souls of some of these same individuals later unite in heaven and live together in the total harmony of agape love?
  • Because, those in attendance accepted the gift of Christ's sacrifice allowing them to be carried over the threshold to a perfect love and ability to follow the will of the One.


There is a reason why Jesus taught the degree of forgiveness and love that he did. Rather than living in spiritual blindness, our hearts need to be serious in seeking these initial lessons God would first have us  learn here on earth.

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Table of Contents

In Facing God what might our priorities be?

what might our priorities be?





Becoming honest with yourself. 

Chapter 1

What motivates us?

Chapter 2

What is the First Step?

Chapter 3

The Lord's prayer and his gift.

Chapter 4

Coming to understand righteousness. 

Chapter 5

Why does God mandate forgiveness?

Chapter 6

Motivating spiritual growth from guilt and temptation?

Chapter 7

After 20 years, a born again Christian learns how to pray.

Chapter 8

When God offers personal gifts. 

Chapter 9

How to trust God when we do not understand.

Chapter 10

Our role if we learn to listen.


How Christ's message can touch our heart.