A life with Christ isn’t about sin. It is about submission.


Asking God to become the first priority in our life.


We have minimal self-control over habits of temptation. However, we can provide the openness for our love to grow in God through the word of the Son.


Our first priority can then be for God to change us to “his will” according to his timetable. At that point we are facing God rather than turning our backs toward Him.


His respond is called “grace.”




The difference between knowing it and living it…is prayer.



To touch your heart, re-read a given chapter.  Then review each relevant topic and blend it into some honest conversations with God. 



Table of Contents


Getting God to Listen.


Becoming honest with yourself. 


Chapter 1

What motivates us?

Chapter 2

What is the First Step?

Chapter 3

The Lord's prayer and his gift.

Chapter 4

Coming to understand righteousness. 

Chapter 5

Why does God mandate forgiveness?

Chapter 6

Motivating spiritual growth from guilt and temptation?

Chapter 7

After 20 years, a born again Christian learns how to pray.

Chapter 8

When God offers personal gifts. 

Chapter 9

How to trust God when we do not understand.

Chapter 10

Our role if we learn to listen.


How the message can touch our heart.