Booklet Printing App or Software

(This allows for printing 2 pages per side of paper)


Free Adobe .pdf Reader offers a .pdf viewer & printing software.

    1. Consider un-checking "McAfee" options in the download or uninstall these two additional apps afterwards.
    2. After download, clicking the .exe file."open" initiates installation.


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Our three .pdf booklets:


Real Prayer (Latest edition): a booklet parishioners can hand out.

The Holy Spirit: Offers practical application in how to listen.




Print Booklet with Adobe Reader

Heavy weight paper (28lb) recommended



Use a long reach stapler for binding



Consent to Reproduce

The free "Real Prayer" Booklets can be saved on a smart phone or be printed within 4-9 sheets of paper. (28lb paper recommended)

  •  Reproductions must be distributed for free, without charge, and no solicitations for a donation. 


  •  Reproductions are only to be of the entire booklet.


  •  No blending with other material or alterations without written consent.  (e-mail: